the boomhut is a collective and co-working space currently at europalaan 12, utrecht, the netherlands.

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charlotte madelon is a game designer making games with pretty flowers.

celine veldman is getting really good at explaining space and making vignettes.

esther bouma makes physical controllers to do digital things.

lisa mantel is going to make some sick games and art.


tijmen tio is part of sokpop and does backflips

ruben naus is part of sokpop and king of math and physics.

tom van den boogaart is part of sokpop and has been making bernband forever.

aran koning is part of sokpop and also a really good programmer.

menno stas is pixel artist and vector illustrator, now making D&D more fun.

merlijn de vries creates playful mobile games!


adriaan de jongh is a game designer best known for Hidden Folks, Bounden, and Fingle.